Native OS Desktop Notifications

  • HTML5 desktop notifications are currently displayed with a small pop-up generated by the browser.

    Windows 8/10, LInux and Mac OS provide functionalities to do it in an OS native and more coherent way (look and feel, persistency, ...)

  • @nekomajin It may be, but there was no reference to "notification" in your post so I could not find it.
    Anyway, I think it's better to keep the 2 thread separated: from dev point of view it is really 2 different things (CSS and design on one hand, OS API to use on the other hand).

    But thanks for the link ;)

  • There is a big problem with the current Notification system adopted by Vivaldi:

    • the notification will never disappear (if you set requireInteraction=true)
    • or it will disappear after 20 seconds and nobody will never see the message

    Both solutions are not acceptable anymore (2018), because every OS has an action center to manage this.

    If the Notification will be set on the action center in Windows 10, the message will appear for 5-10 seconds and stay in the notification area (action center) until it was pressed or removed.

    Edit: there is even a bigger problem: if you close the browser, you are not able to get any notification. Windows can open the browser if a web push notification was received.

  • Sorry for necroing, but thought this was worth mentioning; Chrome canary builds (possibly dev now, too) have introduced support for native notifications in Windows. I am certain that once Vivaldi starts building based on versions of Chromium that have support for this, that Vivaldi will support native notifications too. Lower-level functionality like this within Vivaldi is all based on what Chromium is capable of.

  • @ultra_hr Don't apologise for necroing! This is useful information. I look forward to testing these out when vivaldi upgrades to a suitable chromium version.

  • This now functions if you enable the flag vivaldi://flags/#enable-native-notifications in the latest snapshot.

  • @lonm
    Hi and thanks, it is working on Opensuse Leap 15 and latest Snapshot.

    Very nice, mib

  • @pafflick Maybe more PIPELINE than DONE?

    It is still an experimental flag, not available in the main default Vivaldi config interface.
    Moreover, in my case, it does not work at all. On Ubuntu 14.04, it does not seem to have any effect: the notifications are still displayed in the small "chrome like" white box, whatever the status of the flag.

    I assume it is a work done by the Chromium team, so I don't think this forum feature request can have any effect on the development of this feature.
    However, it can help people understand why it still does not work perfectly if the tag is not DONE.

  • Moderator

    @guilimote OK, I moved it back, sorry for the hassle. But I think that neither the PIPELINE nor the IN PROGRESS tags fit here since it's not being currently worked on by the Vivaldi team.

    The flag's description claims that it works on Windows, Mac and Linux - I wasn't aware that it doesn't actually work on some systems since I'm using only Windows and I tested it only here.

  • @pafflick Ok thank you, no problem.

    I don't think I have seen any other user complaining that this flag does not work, so it may be something quite related to my config/system. However, other applications use the OS notifications without any issue on the very same system, so I don't see why Chromium could not.

    But I'm not sure if I should fill a bug report because:

    1. not a Vivaldi internal dev
    2. still declared as an "experimental" feature, so issues may be normal?

  • Moderator

    @guilimote Did you try it with a clean profile or installing another Vivaldi (preferably the latest Snapshot) as "Standalone"?

  • @pafflick yes ;) Tried the 3 or 4 last snapshots versions, and tried with a clean profile as well.

  • Moderator

    @guilimote Then either it's a browser's bug or there is something within your OS that causes the incompatibility (even when other apps work). Have you tried other Chromium browsers? Does your OS have any settings for apps' notifications permissions (or something like that)?

  • @guilimote unlikely cause, but if Vivaldi was not installed via package management lately, you may be missing the new indicator library.

  • @pafflick said in Native OS Desktop Notifications:

    Have you tried other Chromium browsers?

    Just tried Chrome, and yes it is the same. The enable-native-notifications flag does not have any effect either.

    Does your OS have any settings for apps' notifications permissions (or something like that)?

    Not that I know...

    @becm said in Native OS Desktop Notifications:

    unlikely cause, but if you did not install Vivaldi via package management lately, you may be missing the new indicator library.

    What should I check exactly? It seems that libappindicator1 and libappindicator3-1 are installed on my system, both in version 12.10.1+13.10.20130920-0ubuntu4.1.

  • @guilimote as I assumed; unlikely root cause. ☺
    Verified now; different notification (slight difference in styling) variants working without libappindicator3-1 installed.

    The notifications are not integrated to the (KDE) notification center in either case.
    So, for me, there is little benefit in that option anyway…

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