Native OS Desktop Notifications

  • HTML5 desktop notifications are currently displayed with a small pop-up generated by the browser.

    Windows 8/10, LInux and Mac OS provide functionalities to do it in an OS native and more coherent way (look and feel, persistency, ...)

  • @nekomajin It may be, but there was no reference to "notification" in your post so I could not find it.
    Anyway, I think it's better to keep the 2 thread separated: from dev point of view it is really 2 different things (CSS and design on one hand, OS API to use on the other hand).

    But thanks for the link ;)

  • There is a big problem with the current Notification system adopted by Vivaldi:

    • the notification will never disappear (if you set requireInteraction=true)
    • or it will disappear after 20 seconds and nobody will never see the message

    Both solutions are not acceptable anymore (2018), because every OS has an action center to manage this.

    If the Notification will be set on the action center in Windows 10, the message will appear for 5-10 seconds and stay in the notification area (action center) until it was pressed or removed.

    Edit: there is even a bigger problem: if you close the browser, you are not able to get any notification. Windows can open the browser if a web push notification was received.

  • Sorry for necroing, but thought this was worth mentioning; Chrome canary builds (possibly dev now, too) have introduced support for native notifications in Windows. I am certain that once Vivaldi starts building based on versions of Chromium that have support for this, that Vivaldi will support native notifications too. Lower-level functionality like this within Vivaldi is all based on what Chromium is capable of.

  • @ultra_hr Don't apologise for necroing! This is useful information. I look forward to testing these out when vivaldi upgrades to a suitable chromium version.

  • This now functions if you enable the flag vivaldi://flags/#enable-native-notifications in the latest snapshot.

  • @lonm
    Hi and thanks, it is working on Opensuse Leap 15 and latest Snapshot.

    Very nice, mib

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