Bookmarks Page Sorting

  • Please make something with bookmarks page

    First of all.
    Could you add "Creation Date" column to Bookmarks page? It would be great if users could sort bookmarks by date. Now sorting works only by Title, Address, Nickname, Description

    Also, when user searches bookmark - folders should disappear.
    Like it works in Firefox browser!


  • Moderator

    These two options are both available in the Bookmarks Panel

    Sort by Creation Date

    See the dropdown list at the top of the bookmarks panel.

    0_1518276882898_Sort Bookmarks by Date.png

    Search Without Showing Folders

    Right-click in Bookmarks Panel, and select Settings, Flat Search.

    0_1518276922436_Flat Search.png

  • A basic need for new users to have the functionality not just in bookmarks-panel but in bookmarks window too.

    See the trick by luetage on how to do it from bookmarks window in link below. Just saw this thread as linked by Pesala there.

    The OP suggestion is a basic need IMHO, this should be done for new users, majority of whom probably do not read the few relevant threads, or might not read the forum. Good job.


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