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    When selecting text snap to select the next full word as in IE11.

  • I wouldn't like this by default, but it might be useful if used in conjunction with a modifier, like Ctrl

  • @pesala For info, you can achieve something quite similar by doing:

    1. Double click on the 1st word you want to select
      --> the whole word is automatically selected
    2. Shift+click anywhere in the middle of the last word you want to select
      --> this last word is automatically fully selected, as well as every other one inside the selection

    It's not exactly what you propose, but I think that the final goal is the same (easier and quicker selection of whole words instead of "by letter")

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    @guilimote Yes, but you need to use Keyboard+Mouse.

    Some users liked this behaviour and requested it for Opera. There was a long thread on My Opera debating the pros and cons. I also prefer the Shift+Click method, but not everyone is an avid keyboard user working always at a desk like me.

  • I discover this:
    Double click on a word > keep holding on second click > drag to next text will auto select entire word for consecutive text. No need to use keyboard.

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    @dude99 Thanks for pointing that out.

    I have tagged this as DONE because it is already available in Vivaldi 1.15 too. No further improvement is needed IMO.

    I split the post by TsunamiZ as it requests something slightly different.


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