Update Channels

  • Implement a settings option for selecting an update channel:

    • Stable
    • Beta (RCs + Stable)
    • Testing (all Snapshots)

  • This might be tricky. It's easy to upgrade to a different channel, but downgrading at a later date can be dangerous (in terms of profile corruption due to changes in the way data is stored).

  • @lonm Yup, better keep the channels on different channels...
    My idea would be split only the snapshots in two via a V-setting:

    • experimental/latest snapshots (prone to regressions and known issues)
    • mature snapshots (RC and quite stable builds).
      (a kind of fast and slow rings xD)

    But.. it's probably not too easy as sometimes the RCs could be "experimentals" while the "mature" could be stable in their period, and clearly RCs need to be tested.

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