Customize the Opening of the "Search With..." Menu

  • Customize the way the "Search with..." menu is invoking.

    Possible option can be double click on the word, middle click the selected text, even mouse gesture command. Much faster opening of the "search with..." menu. Now it is rightclick selection, select the command, open submenu, select search engine. Too many steps.

    "Selection Search" extension is decent example, but still missing some options.

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    @solidsnake Allow Editing of Menus would let us move some or all of the search engines from the submenu directly onto the context menu as I have done in Opera 12.18. That has a hot-click popup menu, but it works only with single words, not longer selections.

    0_1517404637315_Hotclick Popup Menu.png

  • @pesala Yes, opera <13 has the double click the word for opening the hotclick menu. Vivaldi does nothing on double click except selecting the word.
    That's why i'm suggesting customization of opening the search menu, or even better hotclick menu in which search engines can be added.
    To allow opening menu for more than one word, some other way should be allowed.

    This is how 'Selection search' extension looks like:
    0_1517405273914_clipboard31.01.2018 _ 14_24_51.png

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