Allow per-site User Agent Simulation

  • The device emulator can be used to simulate certain devices.

    This does not just mean the user agent header, but it is also able to simulate touch events, which some sites use to sniff out mobile browsers.

    It would be nice to be able to use this to pretend to be a mobile user agent to certain sites without having to have all the dev tools and emulation toolbars around it.

  • Use case:
    Microsoft Outlook (both the office and versions) have a mobile-friendly view which looks quite nice if the window is narrow, or the site is in a web panel.
    However, it does not trigger view this by user agent header alone. It uses some measure which the device emulator is able to provide, probably touch event support.
    I would like to be able to set the domains to use the full User Agent Simulation as provided by the device emulator to be able to trick outlook into giving me the mobile view.
    I would want to do this without having to open and close the dev tools each time, and to not always have the device emulator toolbar / tiny screen.

  • @lonm This might also work well for web panels, like if you had Outlook mobile in a panel.

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