[Request] Site favicons for Speed Dial thumbnails

  • Even if it's just an optional setting, when adding/bookmarking links to Speed Dial, aside from generating the website thumbnail, it uses the site's main icon/favicon instead. Or maybe even the site's name or title but larger. But actually I prefer the custom default thumbnail images that comes with installing Vivaldi for the first time. Maybe add or support more websites. I just wished when adding the same link again, that custom thumbnail will be used instead of the webpage thumbnail. Can be triggered in settings as well if the user wants it. By the way, I noticed the little spinning arrow at the lower right when updating thumbnails. Pretty nice addition. But it seems it won't stop loading even when the thumbnail is already loaded. Encountered in latest snapshot Win8,1 x64

  • Moderator

    The favicon is 16x16px hard to use it as SD image.

    Opium (Chromium Opera) offers using another icon that I can't recall which it is, but I know it's used by iOS, but it's still too small.

    Making a function to look for the site logo is also too complicated as each site has it's own structure.

    Using the site name is a good option as Opium does, but I would much prefer if it was like old Presto Opera where thumbs were PNGs in a folder.

  • Yes, I do agree favicons are relatively small. That is why I suggested the names or titles instead. Maybe in the vain of how Opera Chromium's implementation with visual bookmarks like what you said. And maybe the ability to add custom user thumbnails, or at least Vivaldi Team adds more custom ones in addition to the ones we got after installation.


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