Address Bar: Latest stable (1.14.1077.41) does not make suggestions from history and bookmarks

  • Hello,
    after updating to the latest stable version (1.14.1077.41) my Vivaldi installation has stopped making suggestions from browsing history and bookmarks in the address bar, i.e. it does not show anything at all (I have disabled Search-> "Allow Search Suggestions" anyways). History and Bookmarks suggestions are enabled in the options menu (-> Adress Bar) though.

    Before 1.14.1077.41 is used the former stable, so 1.13.xx I guees. I have already cleared the cache, application cache und download list, but with no result.

    Is anybody facing the same problem with 1.14 or has a solution?


  • edit: works for me with disabled search suggestions, I see typed history and bookmarks when typing partial keywords

  • I have the same problem 😞

  • With enabled "Address Auto Complete" (Settings->Address Bar) it is working for me again. I always had it disabled because I found it kind of annoying visually.

  • @baumgm_gast Bingo! Thanks a lot!


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