Dedicated Bookmarks Folder for Web Panels

  • Ability to save webpanels in a dedicated bookmarks folder, provide access to them in the panel right click menu. I imagine an implementation of this just like for the Speed Dial -- you designate a folder in your bookmarks panel/on the bookmarks page and this folder is then available from the panel directly.

  • This would make it easier to add panels to sync.

  • Great idea!

  • To be clear, I created a screenshot (for example I didn't got the idea first (because of my English), I had to read the post again):


  • Hey, nice one indeed!

    This gives me another idea, search engines could also be another bookmarks folder.
    Easy to sync, backup, export, sort and otherwise manage.

    Added benefit: If sub folders are allowed this could help organize very long Right-Click > Search With menu, by categorizing into folders

  • Great ideas, guys. I agree could have some folder specific for them.

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