Built-in content blocker

  • With the ability to import EasyList-compatible lists from 3rd party hosts and manual element blocking.

  • definitely not priority for me, and if it would be too simple I'd still use uB0
    but would be nice to have in foreseeable future, to get to the point of being extendable, but not extension dependable

  • @nekomajin I also would love to see built-in content and most importantly tracker blocker, like in Brave browser or Firefox Focus (laset one is for android I know).

    I think it would also be very important to do this Vivaldi-Shield(?) like it's done in Brave, meaning show number of blocked trackers, ads & https upgrades when clicking that Vivaldi-Shield icon.


    Not only at there, the idea of showing summary of blocked trackers, ads, https upgrades & estimated time saving at new tab page right above the quick access icons should also be coby from Brave.

    Why copy some idea? Seriously do a twitter search about Brave. One thing you immediately notice is how it protects from trackers. There are tons of screenshots of those summaries about blocked trackers. If that doesn't give you good first impression, I don't know what would.

    Also one thing common for both Brave & Firefox Focus is, that both of those protects from tracker right after installation, no need to add anything. Sure, give power users option to remove that Vivaldi-Shield (as easily as possible) and add whatever they want to, but in my opinion that summary alone is great way to promote Vivaldi, so is including protection. And not only for promotion, but privacy is good starting point always.

  • As I noticed in Opera that site loading times are indeed drastically reduced with a build-in ad blocker compared to AdBlockPlus or similar extensions, I'm definitely in favor of such a feature.
    Wouldn't even need much of a GUI as it's not about comfort of use but merely performance.

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    there is this advantage between a built-in feature and an extension.

    I am in favor too. Nowadays, to I use any browser a adblock is extremely necessary.

  • Add Content Blocking API like Safari allows to block content in native process witch is faster then blocking from javascript method by extension.


    Follow the Safari's rule also a great benefit since there already have many rule set maintain by peoples.

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    Upcoming versions of Firefox are toying with more types of content blocking options, which seem relevant to this request: https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2018/08/30/changing-our-approach-to-anti-tracking/

  • +1 for something intern like:


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  • @broken666
    It's 404.

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    We seem to be talking about two different things here...
    Content Blockers, which I would define as site blockers, à la Opera 12 and Ad Blockers like Ghostery, AdBlock, etc.
    I am most definitely in favour of the former Content Blocker arrangement as a higher priority.

  • @greybeard
    Well, the EasyList syntax can be used to block whole sites, and an adblocker can block other elements too, not only ads.

  • @Nekomajin. Content blocker mobile would be nice ...

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