Additional Features for the Extension Icon Container

  • Currently we can only enable the extension toggle, which shows/hides all extension icons. But depending on users needs we should be able to

    • set specific extension icons to permanently show in the address bar -- hide/show others with integrated extension toggle.

    • move extension to an additional dropdown, for people who have many active extensions.

    • toggle two different sets of extension icons.

    • add a second row for the extensions-container.

    I can imagine many solutions, but something should be done. Other browsers already solve these problems in various ways.

  • I think the solution in Firefox is the way to go. With drag and drop to this expansion area.

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    It would be a useful thing, as in Firefox a button to be able to hide only the buttons of the extensions you want.
    With the current one or you can see or hide them all.

  • I was thinking exactly the same. I would post this as a feature request if this was not requested yet. The ability to temporarily hide some icons is something I feel the need, jus like Firefox implements it.

    Adding to the above suggestions, I also suggest the ability to move/insert/remove extension and built-in icons to other panels (like putting extension icons on the URL bar or on the side bar) and the ability to insert separators, so we can organize our UI as we like. If you think about it, this would be pretty much similar to the current version of Firefox, but in this case with separators, spacers or other UI elements and done the Vivaldi way.

    This also resembles the way Opera enabled us to customize the UI since years ago. Opera, in the time I used it as my primary browser, was, by far, my favorite browser in what concerns me about customization.

  • Or maybe even show the menu as in chrome ? Just dont do nothing lol

  • Another solution could be to make the address/extension bars resizeable.
    In this case users who need many extensions to be visible, could click or that resizeable edge between the bars and drag it to the left until the extension and the address bar have the same width, for example.
    Or drag it to the right until only a certain number of extensions are visible and the rest are hidden in the "More extensions..." button.
    (Or whatever width suits the best.)

  • Not a big fan of FF drop-down style.
    If one have several "hidden" extensions, a long list will cover the page and one usually recognize their addons via icon. Then an additional popup will come from the dropdown.
    I think a "chromium like" solution but in Vivaldi style is better - - a small "box" with hidden extensions triggered by the 3 dots menu.

    Old pic, actually a box-shadow will useful there.
    But yeah, after all even FF style is fine.

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  • @hadden89
    You can decide how many extensions you want to hide in FF, not forced to put everything there.


    Please make Extension toggle only toggle on the "permanently show icons" selection.

    Then when you hit it it shows all.

    Allow sort of current icons.

    Allow multi select of icons, similar to the select tabs to tile them.

  • Yeah, the current method doesn't work once you hit too many extension.



    You could have hundreds of extension before you hit a problem on chrome setup

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