Move Hide/Show Panel Button to Right If Panels are on the right

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    When panels are on the right, the icon on the left is useless.

    0_1517401082357_Panel Button.png

  • Hah, I had no idea that was even there, since the first thing I did was move the panel to the right side, so that tiny half-filled box never even drew my mouse's attention.

    Yes, that icon should absolutely follow the panel, not just because that's the only thing that makes sense, but because it needs to have the mouse close to the panel once it comes up, instead of the farthest possible point on the window.

    I would also suggest an option to shift the panel button into the bookmarks and address bar space (whichever is there, or a small bar that runs vertically through both), since that also touches the panel space and is more around where typical mousing and "let's do ..." commands will happen. Ideally, have both, like gates on the panel space you can grab from whichever direction you're going to work.

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