Match Accents for Find in Page

  • Add a checkbox to enable the matching of accents. This is the default in Opera 12.18 with no option to ignore accents.

    0_1506102068055_Match Accents.png

  • Current behaviour just sucks...
    I think that matching accents / national characters should be default behaviour.

  • @rotfl The current default is much easier to use. A lot of naïve users will type words without accents on their résumée so a search for "naive" or "resume" will find both versions.

  • @pesala For me finding words with accents is a horror....
    This feature could filter about 90% of false results sometimes

    Especially when there are words that differ only with accents

  • I also like the current default, for its simplicity.

    In addition to explicit match-case and match-variants, I can imagine another checkbox of “Heuristic” being by default selected, appearing first, and behaving like search currently does, except sorting results by likelihood of intent.

    So if my search term contains diacritics, I’d like to see those results first, and F3/find-next would cycle thru those before jumping to non-accented instances.

    The heatmap with matches’ locations in the scrollbar might be color-coded for exact matches versus heuristic matches.

    At the limit it might locate partial matches or synonyms 🙂

  • Current search behaviour in Slovenian is awful - in English it would be like searching for I and getting Y's highlighted as well.

  • @ender85 I suspect that it's not much fun for Icelandic or Norwegian either. I wonder why the Vivaldi Team have not noticed this issue?

    0_1546977644282_Bad Find in Page.png


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