Optional Minimalist Address Bar

  • The current address bar shows a lot of informations. A lot of them is quite not often used and should be placed elsewhere :

    • If you used gestures, the left part of the address bar, the navigation part, is less and less used
    • The right part, the extension list, shows a lot of extension which are used occasionaly and, then, you don't get them from the toolbar but from the right menu
    • The main part shows the address which is surely important, but often you use bookmarks and don't want to remember the complicated url that you never keep in mind correctly !

    Finally, if you place the navigation menu and the extension menu in the vertical toolbar (the web panel toolbar), for instance in submenus, the address bar can be placed in tooltip label (see example below) and should be visible only when mouse is over the tab.

    • The current solution

    • The current solution without the address bar showed but mouse is over the tab (sorry, the cursor dissapears in the image)

    • The suggested minimalist address bar

    • The result when address bar is not showed (I also add a new shadow in the tab to get it back;))

    Advantages :

    • Light interface which concentrates only on the web page
    • Tabs become playcards and offer large area to see them and to select them specialy when tabs are thumbnails
    • Precise information still shows like page security information
    • Focus is automatically set on the text field of the address bar when it's showed
    • New page is gotten in the same way : when mouse is over the tab + icon, then the address bar is showed
    • A more tab-centered interface
    • The address bar should appears in this new way only for the active tab, the others still shows a simple tooltip label with its name
    • A modern way of browsering, letting the usual address bar into the past of browsers ???

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