Allow Any Theme to be Used in Reader View

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    Currently the Reader view offers 3 themes: light, dark, and current browser theme. It would be nice to be able to access any of the browser themes, so that you could customise one to match your reading preference while keeping it separate from the browser's overall style.

  • @lonm I never realised before, but you can change the background colour for reader view by using the Inherit Theme option, and modifying the background colour of your default Vivaldi Theme. This makes the reader view much easier on the eyes.

    Previously, my theme used a background colour similar to the background of the Submit and Discard buttons on this forum. I just changed it to look like this, which I find much easier to read. No doubt I can tweak it some more to improve it further.

    First Version

    0_1526065908484_Vivaldi Reader View.png

    Second Version

    0_1526066033308_Vivaldi Reader View 2.png

  • Please consider adding this feature to Vivaldi. 😉

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