Remember Last Active Speed Dial Folder per Window

  • Let's say I have two windows open on two different workspaces, one for private and one for work stuff. For each activity I have a different speed dial folder and I'd like for the window to remember which folder to show when I open a new tab.

  • Do you mean which speed dial folder?

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  • Yes, it would be convenient if when opening the Start Page if the last selected Speed Dial group would be shown, rather than the first Speed Dial group always being shown.

    For example, from the Start Page if I open to my "News" Speed Dial group, select a link, then open another tab (which displays the Start Page again), the "News" Speed Dial group should be displayed again, not the first Speed Dial group.

    However, I would think opening a new window should reset this "memory", and the Start Page for a new window would display the first Speed Dial group again.

  • I'd like to back this request as well - the fact that Speed dial reset itself to the first folder with every new tab I open is the only frustrating thing I've encountered in Vivaldi (which is quite good, I usually complain a lot 😃 )

    Here's my logic.

    Every single Speed dial folder is one "work space" for me. I've got Speed dial folder for different personal and professional projects with different direct links, sometimes for completely different webs, sometimes for similar ones (many times I have Google Drive in more folders, but in every speed dial folder there is a specific gDrive link for a different gDrive folder and so on)

    Now - when I decide to start working on something, I'm used to switch the speed dial to the folder I created for that very project and I need all tabs I open since to open with that speed dial folder opened (since it is the folder I want to work with).

    Later when I switch the folder, I - again - need the new folder to become the "default one". And yes, it should reset itself when I open new window.

  • Does anyone know if there has been any progress made for this feature?

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    @valiant Please see this thread


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