Shortcut for Hibernate Background Tabs

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    A shortcut for this option, currently only available in the right click menu, that can be tied to a gesture, or keyboard shortcut, or quick command.

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    Super agree. Mainly to me who lives with sessions full of tabs

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    πŸ’‘ FYI, this request is internally under VB-40013

  • Bumping because I just recently got around to using quick commands, I typed "tab" and saw plenty of tab commands, but not the one I wanted (hibernate background tabs). It would be super useful for me, as I often browse in fullscreen with tabs hidden, so to get to this command I have to press f11, wait for the window to redraw (have an older computer) before the tabs become visible so I can rightclick on the tab bar.

  • If I say, "Pretty Please," will this requested feature/option happen soon?

    I am prepared to say, "Pretty Please" if it is necessary.

    Please let me know if it is necessary. πŸ™‚

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    @treego try and we'll see πŸ˜‰

  • @CheVe11e_191 "Pretty Please" ... can we have a mouse gesture, or a keyboard shortcut, or a quick command tied to a "Hibernate Background Tabs" or "Hibernate Tab Stack" selection?

    Pretty, pretty, please! πŸ™‚

  • Voted. That would be great improvement.

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    Lazy one hand user here πŸ˜ƒ

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    we really need this option asap or some serious improvements on general performance 😒

  • @CheVe11e_191 said in Shortcut for Hibernate Background Tabs:

    FYI, this request is internally under VB-40013

    and some progress please? πŸ˜‰

  • πŸ‘ŒFor those who don't want to wait until this feature request is finished at some point, you can use this .js modification (developed by @nomadic)

    Hibernate Tabs Status Bar Button:

    // ============================================================================================================
    // Hibernate Background Tabs Status Bar Button Mod
    //    - made by nomadic on the Vivaldi Forums
    // ============================================================================================================
    // Config ------------
    // 0 is farthest left on the status bar's right grouping of buttons
    // keep adding 1 to the variable to move it over to the right.
    // -------------------
    function hibernateBackgroundTabs() {
      vivaldi.windowPrivate.getCurrentId((currentWindowId) => {
        chrome.tabs.query({ windowType: "normal" }, (tabs) => {
          tabs.forEach((tab) => {
            if (tab.windowId === currentWindowId && return;
    // shamelessly modified from @luetage's "Random Theme Button Mod" because I am lazy
    function addHibernateButton() {
      let div = document.createElement("div");
      div.classList.add("button-toolbar", "hibernate");
      div.innerHTML =
        '<button draggable="true" tabindex="-1" title="Hibernate Background Tabs" type="button"><span><svg width="12" height="12" viewBox="0 0 26 26" xmlns=""><path d="M24.46.65c.1 0 . 3.77-.34.85-.1.28-.04.06v.05h.16l.32-.05 2.17-.36c.15 0 .27-.04.35-.06h.26l.06.14c.11.55.2 1.12.27 1.7l-.02.02a1.36 1.36 0 01-.4.13l-3.48.6-3.6.59-.23.04h-.08a.24.24 0 01-.14-.06.16.16 0 01-.02-.08v-.16l.28-.71L19.4 5.5l.6-1.46.19-.45.04-.12v-.06h-.02V3.4h-.12c-.79.12-1.58.24-2.39.4l-.33.06h-.26l-.08-.12c-.1-.46-.2-.9-.25-1.36l-.04-.2v-.08l.02-.06a.4.4 0 01.06-.06l.15-.06.54-.11 3.11-.54 2.69-.43.83-.14.23-.04zm-7.61 4.06c.12-. .2-.06.5-.11.9l-.64 4.5-.15.99-.04.32v.11h.02v.04h.06l.07-.06.36-.13 1.1-.48 1.15-.5.37-.15.1-.04h.16c.04 0 . 1.16.75 1.76 0 0 0 .04-.04.06a1.52 1.52 0 01-.4.23l-6.43 2.8-.88.38c-.1.04-.2.06-.24.1l-.08.02h-.02c-.06.02-.14 0-.16-.04a.16.16 0 01-.06-.08l.61-4.74c.1-.67.2-1.28.24-1.73l.08-.52.02-.13v-.1l-.02.04v-.04h-.02l-.02.02c-.02 0-.06 0-.1.04l-.31.14-2.17.9-.34.16-.12.04h-.16c-.03 0-.07-.04-.11-.1l-.4-.79-.33-.8-.02-.07v-.1l.06-.07.13-.1.56-.28a211.5 211.5 0 016.86-2.96l.26-.08.06-.04h.02zm-.71 7.32l-.02.02h.02zm-5.35 0c.14 0 . 8.15v.1l-.02.02v.04h.08l.14-.02.45-.12 3.63-.87h.2c. 2.25-.03.08-.06.06a1.93 1.93 0 01-.55.23c-.65.2-2.01.54-4.8 1.23l-4.92 1.2-.34.08H2.8l-.04.02a.34.34 0 01-.2-.08.2.2 0 01-.05-.12v-.24l.31-1.02 2.1-6.6.19-.66.06-.18v-.1H5.1l-.12.04-.43.1-1.42.36-1.44.35-.48.1-.13.02H.85l-.12-.16c-.2-.63-.35-1.24-.51-1.87 0-.12-.04-.2-.06-.28v-.2a.55.55 0 01.1-.1l.2-.1.74-.19a295.7 295.7 0 018-2.01l1.14-.28.31-.06.1-.02h.02z"/></svg><span></button>';
      // positon the button based on the config
      let elBefore = document.querySelector(".StatusInfo").nextSibling;
      for (let i = 0; i < HIBERNATE_BTN_POSITION; i++) {
        elBefore = elBefore.nextSibling;
      document.querySelector(".toolbar-statusbar").insertBefore(div, elBefore);
      document.querySelector(".hibernate button svg").style = "width: 14px; height: 14px;";
      document.querySelector(".hibernate").addEventListener("click", hibernateBackgroundTabs);
    var appendChild = Element.prototype.appendChild;
    Element.prototype.appendChild = function () {
      if (arguments[0].tagName === "DIV") {
          function () {
            const statusBar = document.querySelector(".toolbar-statusbar");
            const check = document.getElementsByClassName("hibernate")[0];
            if (statusBar && !check) {
          }.bind(this, arguments[0])
      return appendChild.apply(this, arguments);


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