Preserve Custom Modifications Across Upgrades

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    Currently if a user has a custom mod for the browser ui they have to do some sort of hacky installation by modifying the browser.html file. This is lost when the browser is upgraded to a new version. It would be nice if there was some way to store custom styles in a setting that is persistent when the browser is upgraded.

  • A possible solution might be to enter a directory in V settings where user customizations are loaded automatically (custom.js / custom.css).

    This would also remove the need to modify browser.html

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    @lonm This capability is already on the roadmap, insofar as a roadmap can be said to exist. It is a fairly common subject of discussion among the team. Unfortunately, major projects such as Mail, Sync and Calendar have a lot more priority, and the team is small.

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    @ayespy This is good to hear. Luckily with a script the job of patching in mods isn't too tedious for now.

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    I think that CSS mods would fit well if they were stored along with a theme, that way you could have different mods active depending on the theme.

    JS mods wouldn't fit in with themes though.

  • @lonm I don't think I support this idea. It would complicate things. It would be easier to introduce an API that enables us to check for the theme in use and then just load different css theme dependent changes with javascript.

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    @luetage Good point. Maybe if the theme name was just added to the other class names in #browser that would be enough

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    Also useful would be the ability to preserve custom page actions - files the user added to the user_files directory.

    These would be more easy to maintain, as the installer would simply need to copy them over to the new directory. Page Actions also don't cause side-effects on the browser (as far as I can tell), so there is no issue of incompatibility as there is with mods.

  • @luetage A kind of a mod loader after an update?

    V was updated. Please reviews your mods and *check* if they're compatible before loading or Vivaldi User Interface couldn't work correctly. *Don't* report *any* bug if you have modifications enabled.
    (Of course, this screen won't appear if no mod is used)

    Mods master switch (useful for bug reports)

    Enable user mods









  • @Hadden89 Lots of time has passed. The current implementation of user.css is working fine I guess, although I haven't tried it since it first came out. The only missing piece is the same procedure for javascript mods, there's nothing more we need. Wonder if it will come, I have the suspicion they will deem js mods too dangerous.

  • @luetage I still hope to see it, even with a big alert popup. So I can try the "new" user.css feature 😃

  • I'm already using a mix of native css support, and still reapply the js mods at every update, sounds silly but I wanted to see if it works and it does. It only needs to sniff both extensions and not only css.

  • @iAN-CooG It's also good if you want different mods on different profiles.

  • @luetage Agreed with the js mod. However, I think worrying over something we can already do "is dangerous" -- while some power user are already doing it make this issue pretty pointless. Instead of leaving it as of such, I think the proper way is provide a user friendly & safe method for mod support, be it extension, CSS, or Js. The most important thing is all Js mod must be open source, allow public observation, & access to the source code like what we are already doing in the mod forum.

    That's why Firefox & Chrome have their own extension store, so that the masses won't go to unsafe/unofficial places looking for mod. But I doubt Vivaldi will be able to maintain a store like that... it's too much fuss & difficult to monitor all the mod over time.

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