Preserve Custom Modifications Across Upgrades

  • Currently if a user has a custom mod for the browser ui they have to do some sort of hacky installation by modifying the browser.html file. This is lost when the browser is upgraded to a new version. It would be nice if there was some way to store custom styles in a setting that is persistent when the browser is upgraded.

  • A possible solution might be to enter a directory in V settings where user customizations are loaded automatically (custom.js / custom.css).

    This would also remove the need to modify browser.html

  • Moderator

    @lonm This capability is already on the roadmap, insofar as a roadmap can be said to exist. It is a fairly common subject of discussion among the team. Unfortunately, major projects such as Mail, Sync and Calendar have a lot more priority, and the team is small.

  • @ayespy This is good to hear. Luckily with a script the job of patching in mods isn't too tedious for now.

  • I think that CSS mods would fit well if they were stored along with a theme, that way you could have different mods active depending on the theme.

    JS mods wouldn't fit in with themes though.

  • @lonm I don't think I support this idea. It would complicate things. It would be easier to introduce an API that enables us to check for the theme in use and then just load different css theme dependent changes with javascript.

  • @luetage Good point. Maybe if the theme name was just added to the other class names in #browser that would be enough

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