Support for MIME Types

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    Allow users to define what to do with different file types as in Opera 12.18 (Updated screenshots).

    MIME Types.png

    What to Do with PDF Files

    Opera 12.18 MIME Types.png

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    @pesala One of the things I miss from old Opera and still useful.

  • That would be a really useful (re-)addition!

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    This would be good for podcasts. I could have it auto-open in VLC or some such when I download a .mp3 file. As the current audio controls when an audio file is opened are not very usable.

  • Also, we need a restoration button to undo mistake.
    Or allow user to take a snapshot of the settings for restoration later.

  • developers please, make this happen.

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    This is request is rather low on our priority list as it requires quite some work and the operating system should be handling it. 🙂

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    @gaelle I don't understand your comment.

    The request is to be able to override what the System does with MIME types, and tell Vivaldi what to do with them, as we can do in Opera 12.18

    1. Show the download dialogue
    2. Open with Vivaldi
    3. Save to disk (choosing folder)
    4. Save to default download folder without asking
    5. Open with default application (this is what MIME types should handle)
    6. Open with a different application. One that is not associated with this file type.
    7. Open with plugin (e.g. for PDF files that you don't want to open with your default PDF viewer)

  • @Pesala In old Unix there was a "file" command. It is based on reading 4K of the file - the "stub" and decode the first byte ":/bin/sh" and not ":/bin/chs" - this is still applied to most files, certainly video.
    A file name was in old days just a name and whatever the name was after the period ".txt" was ignored.
    If you make this "peek into the stream" you will also discover javascript that is video - just use "file" on it, read the first buffer and if it is ":mp4" in the first bytes, it is a video and not an advert. This overrides the MIME - that is a MS Window way and if you make some simple logic, it is easy to improve this by two miles and get functionality that will improve Vivaldi: provide easy integration of new applications and file formats.

  • Yes new to Vivaldi and find it to be the only browser forcing me to deal with files in the awkward manner and don't really want to spend the time cleaning up so don't use it as my daily driver just yet. Also adding an extensions button to the sidebar like Opera would be nice.

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    Add vivaldi://extensions/ as a web panel and you have it.

    Yes please I would like the ability to manually maintain MIME types in the browser.
    Often software does not add a MIME type to the OS so must be handled by the browser.
    Manually adding it to the OS so it works in the browser is a stupid thing to expect users to do when a perfect functional example exists in Opera 12 that all browsers could learn a lesson from.

    Chromium already handles MIME types in its own way separate to the OS and recognises various file and URI types the OS does not, as is painfully clear when it constantly tries to block files for my safety.
    About 80 to 90 percent of the files I download Vivaldi will tell me are unsafe, so it damn well interferes when it pleases.
    We would simply prefer some control over its behaviour.

  • Just opening the files doesn't work for me. Vivaldi wants to save the torrent file first regardless if I tell it to open it. That worked before update

  • We're still waiting for this usability improvement after 2 years since initial request! When will it be implemented? 🙂

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    I still don't understand why this is hard to do.

    On my own webpage I can open any of the 7-Zip files by left-clicking on a download link, and selecting Open on the download dialog will open the archives in 7-Zip.

    Open Download.png

    So why can we not have separate options for each file type?

  • Upvoting! 👍

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    @madonnaragu Vote for the first post if you haven't already done so. (Voting again will remove your vote).

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  • I don't care about overriding what the system does with a file, I just want the equivalent of Chrome's "always open files of this type" so that when I click on a Citrix button I then don't have to go to downloads and manually tell it to open the downloaded .ica file.

  • @3vi1 They should at least enable an "option lick" - and show the first text in the file : ":JPEG version" should open a display for pictures - not just "MIME" compliant setting. It is all in the first bytes in the file for all Unix based objects. It is Windows that introduced the "ending" or "suffix" to the file, suggesting a category of applications to open an object. This used to be held in the file itself and is still in the file.
    Then if we say it is this and that application - then the content of the file should override the MIME setting, or at least be open to considering to override.

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    This is one of the top feature requests. It used to be tagged as Nice to Have. Why is it not tagged as In Progress or Pipeline yet?

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    @Pesala I have no information on progress or if they had started a implementation.

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