Context Menu in Opened Bookmarks Bar Folders

  • Have they still not added context menu to folders on the bookmark bar?

    My work flow heavily requires manipulating bookmarks within folders. The folders are categories of bookmarks and the bookmarks are more often items to remember and delete rather than permanent "I visit this website a lot". Folders are categories going across, bookmarks are items going down. In the tab and panel everything is going down without directional distinction. I regularly move and delete bookmarks within folders.

    I hate having to use the bookmark tab or panel. Not only is there no directional distinction between items. It is also more effort to use. I do not even like having any sort of panel. I want minimum use of space for anything that is not the website context. I could press a key to open the bookmark panel. Then I would need to press a different key to close all panels as pressing the bookmark panel key only closes the bookmark panel and leaves open the panel menu.

    Whatever, I am going to use a different web browser that fits my workflow.

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    @mrghostmark The panels don't need to be left open.

    A quick press of F4 or a mouse gesture is all that is needed to show or hide them.

    The Bookmarks Bar is great for quick access to frequent sites, and for quickly adding the active tab to a folder, but it's not designed for organising, renaming, and deleting bookmarks.

    Visiting sites is something I do many times a day; editing bookmarks is something I do now and then.

    Vivaldi is still relatively new and the Team is small. People have been waiting for this request since the Bookmarks Bar was first introduced about three years ago, but I understand that it takes a lot of work to code.

    When Will Feature Requests be Implemented?

  • @matthews2077 This is a big wish for me. If I might add, accessing the context menu in sub-menus with use of another key (alt/shift/ctrl) might be a way to facilitate this without changing the current function (open in new tab)

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    The related feature request Drag Configurable Bookmarks Bar Folders would be more useful to me than a right-click menu.

    • Editing or deleting bookmarks is something I do rather rarely
    • Reorganising bookmarks is something I do more often.

    I have no idea whether they would be easy to fix at the same time, or require completely different code.

    What is clear after nine months¹ and over 50 upvotes is that it is not a simple thing to add.

    ¹ Actually, much longer than nine months. I created this feature request not because I need it myself, but because it was a frequent request in previous feature request threads. Drag and Drop support was also requested ages ago. Four years ago: @stardust said in (History of) Vivaldi Feature Requests:

    1. Bookmarks drop down menu on the Address Bar with full d&d support

  • Please implement sub-menu properties for bookmarks! This feature would make Vivaldi so much better! I wish to rename bookmarks without having to use the bookmark panel.

  • I totally agree that it is really necessary to allow right click context menu for bookmark sub-folders. If I want to delete a bookmark from a drop-down menu in the bookmarks bar, I have to go through a long, tedious process.
    PLEASE make the change!


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