Custom Filenames for Screenshots

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    Save screenshots with user defined filenames + date / time stamp not random names like 0377b013-a0fb-4d94-96fb-348f0c9a237b.png

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    I add a suggestion of name styles from my old requests:

    %y: Year, %m: Month, %d: Day
    %h: Hour, %n: Minute, %s: Second
    %c: Number
    %u: User Name, %w: Computer Name
    %t: Unix Timestamp
    %T: Title of the web page

    Image %c %Y_%m_%d - %u
    Image 000 2017_08_20 - cheve11e.png

  • Might I suggest something similar to this
    alt text

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    @altcode I think CheVe11e_191 covered most of it already, but a default setting would be needed such as you suggested:

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