Add Bookmark Separators for Bookmark Menu

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    Add separators for bookmarks.

    Note that one can use a hack to add them by renaming a bookmark title to ---

    0_1517518747310_Bookmark Separators.png

    The bookmark could go to your home page or any convenient page.

    Edit: This is possible now in the Bookmarks Panel, but not on the Bookmark Bar or Bookmark Menu.

  • Thank you for mentioning the workaround, I didn't know about that one.
    However, it also only works in menus, i.e. vertical lists. In the bookmarks toolbar, it will just show up as a default favicon.
    Separators as first-class members, like Firefox handles them, would be very much appreciated.

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    @anamon If you want a favicon, just set the bookmark's URL to a suitable web page. Here, I have used a relevant page for Serif PagePlus

    0_1517581240986_Bookmark Favicons.png

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    A nice concept! Would be nice to have that.

  • @pesala said in Bookmark Separators:

    @anamon If you want a favicon, just set the bookmark's URL to a suitable web page. Here, I have used a relevant page for Serif PagePlus

    0_1517581240986_Bookmark Favicons.png

    Thank – yes, I know, that's what all those "bookmark this to have a separator on Chrome" workaround website are for.

    It's still a poor replacement for a real separator though, which should be (a) more compact and (b) not show a mouseover effect and (c) not be clickable.

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    @anamon Well, I did call it a hack.

  • Please add separators!

    This is basic functionality that people actually use and turns people off Vivaldi when it's missing!

  • @anamon said in Bookmark Separators:

    Marked Done, is it implemented? couldn't find the option.

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    @gbb It's in the Snapshot, but not the Stable. I think you need the sort function set to Manual for it to be available.

  • Uhm... I've tested separators in last Snapshot and it seems like they are invisible on Speed Dial...

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    @rotfl No surprise there, but I was expecting them to show up on the Bookmarks Bar.

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    I could imagine bookmark separators being visualised in the speed dial as a line break, so you could have a partially filled row.

  • @lonm For me they would be more handy as non-clickable rectangular "space fillers" without hot-tracking / title baloon / etc.
    So users will be able to create irregular items layout using existing grid.

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    For now I’ve added only one separator to test the feature. It shows only on panel Bookmarks; it was there on Speed dials Bookmarks tab, but it is not displayed (and updated). it is missing from the Bookmarks menu. I am only speaking of MacOS build. I am wondering what if I add another one, but I don’t want to experiment...
    What would be good to have for it:

    • ability to move up/down the separator(s)
    • ability to drag&drop it while in Manage bookmarks mode; in panel mode, and even in main menu (after activation of some kind of edit mode there)

    I have tried the drag&drop, but maybe I am not so agile as mouse focus changes and it gets dropped.

    IMO „Create separator“ should be changed to "Add separator" (this is similar to the "Create/Add bookmark" dilemma. Better to change both.
    IMO the simple "Delete“ is quite non explicit. I’d rather like to have "Remove separator" or "Delete separator“.

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    @zmeypc Drag and Drop works fine in the Bookmarks Panel for me. The results are immediately updated in the menu and on the Bookmarks Bar, but Speed Dial does not support separators (not yet anyway).

    "Delete" is fine by me. You should be aware that each text string has to be translated into many languages, so Delete Bookmark, Delete Separator, Delete Folder, Delete Note, Delete Download, etc., would create a great deal of work that is really not necessary.

    Don't be afraid to experiment with adding separators. You can always clear the trash later.

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    @pesala thanks.

    1. Well, I certainly have issues with my apple mouse; too lazy to try this right now, but I will...
    2. I know for Speed Dials that it doesn’t; my bad: I meant the Bookmarks sub-tab next to it; which should be named Bookmarks Manager IMO
    3. Neither do I, I do understand that I have to use "Delete"; My though is with the average non-power user, and about terms/notions consistency.
    4. Not so great/big deal I guess, as I am in translating Vivaldi; and yes, it may create troubles from the developer’s perspective, but this is what we want for Vivaldi: to mirror, improve and embellish the good old Opera…

    I will, thank you once again; posting my thoughts I did it just to share my first impressions on this feature, and not to claim it’s/wasn't perfect...

  • Why is this in Done if it has only bitten implemented in Snapshot? Why isn't it instable yet, this thread is about a year old?

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    @LAPIII said in Bookmark Separators:

    Why is this in Done if it has only bitten implemented in Snapshot

    The feature is implemented in 2.4 and 2.5.

    //EDIT: Ah, i see, adding a separator is missing for you in Bookmarksbar.

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