Allow Editing of Menus

  • @killdeer said in Allow Editing of Menus:

    I'm here to upvote this idea because without it Vivaldi can't have my respect.

    I created an account here just to say the same.
    I use Opera daily and thought it would be great if I could rearrange context menu positions. I thought "I can't have this in Opera, but I'm sure Vivaldi has this".
    After a quick search I got to this topic and frankly I'm shocked this functionality isn't implemented. But maybe it's good that I don't have to install another browser.

    Menu positions rearrangement is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think "customizing the browser". It's essential.

  • 2.0 released and still can't customize context menu...
    Losing hope here.

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    @wea0 I think all you are losing is patience. It is too early in the life of this browser for it to be possible to include even a substantial percentage of all of the features that users want, much less all, or even a majority.

    That said, the ultimate goal is to offer the maximum possible amount of configurability and flexibility, without sacrificing stability or security. This is already the fastest-evolving browser in existence, but change can never come fast enough for everyone.

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    This feature would be very nice for editing menus in the developer tools as well. I often make use of features hidden in sub-menus, and I'd prefer to have them available in one click.

  • Upvote 🙂

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    @Shirozawa To upvote, you have to go to the original post in the thread and click the "up" carat next to the words "reply" and "quote."

  • @Ayespy Sorry I didn't saw it, should I delete my replies ?

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    @Shirozawa No need.

  • +1
    Ability to add/remove/change order/separators.
    There is too many useless options in menus. How many users need direction of writing?

  • My vote for customizing drop down menus including their background color. This has been an option in Firefox for quite some time. Needs to be available in Chromium based browsers.

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    To refine this feature request there seem to be a few distinct points that crop up in the comments, and from those of other threads:

    • Edit each of the chrome menu ContextTypes indivudally:

    "all", "page", "frame", "selection", "link", "editable", "image", "video", "audio", "launcher", "browser_action", or "page_action"

    • In addition, support editing contexts not normally allows such as the developer tools and the vivaldi-specific menu contexts including the main application menu, panel menus, and bookmark bar menus

    • Re-order existing menu items (as well as those added by extensions), allowing for nesting

    • Add new menu items (potentially corresponding to vivaldi commands not normally in the menu), with menu item types including those from the chrome api ItemTypes:

    "normal", "checkbox", "radio", or "separator"

    • Introduce a new pictographic ItemType as well as / in addition to:

    • Allow horizontal tiling / grouping of menu items, mirroring the zoom icons in the chrome main menu

    • The ability to change the style (colour primarily, potentially others) of the context menu

    • Allow for users to change item text, potentially setting their own Access K̲eys using &

    Basically, this feature request is sort of a master request for a lot of other smaller features and has a lot of work attached if it is ever to be completed, so patience is required.

  • @Ayespy Yes, I am losing patience. This feature request currently has 180 189 votes — more than any other feature request — but it's not even tagged as work in progress yet.

    I would be happy with a way to delete and move menu items for a start. The other refinements like editable access keys, adding new commands, or horizontally stacked icons could wait.

  • It's been a year, I have very little hope and I'm surprised to see such a slow reaction time

  • @Shirozawa The Pipeline tag means it probably won't be done this year either. Too much work needed, and too many other things to fix that are more important.

  • +1

    While the menus are a bit of a mess, I'm not so bothered as long as I can use my own most commonly used tools in a quick manner. I became pretty furious a few versions back when the functionality of "Remove from Tab Stack" was changed from a "f" key stroke to highlight the function to "r", making it 1 of 3 r's in this context, with more or less depending on the status of the stack.

    I may have missed it previously, but I hope keyboard shortcuts are being considered as part of this standardization. I can get past if an awkward key is chosen, but consistency is key here - you can't go changing the end-user functionality, especially for form over function, that doesn't feel very much like Vivaldi at all.

  • @Pesala sorry for the late response, I just find it a pity 😕


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