Keyboard shortcut to move a tab (stack) to the next window

  • When:

    • A user has 3 screens (on the left, center and right).
    • The user opened Vivaldi in the central screen. Then he opened another Vivaldi window and placed it on the left screen, and another one, placed one the right screen.
    • The user has a tab opened in the central window.


    • The user presses the key shortcut for the 1st time – the tab is moved to the left window. He uses the shortcut for the 2nd time – the tab goes right. He uses the shortcut for the 3rd time – the tab goes to the central window again.

    If the current tab is a part of a tab stack, the whole stack moves around.
    I have two screens, so for me, it would be enough to move a page to the other screen. The description above is a generalization for a bigger number of screens.

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