Configurable Toolbar

  • Including full control of elements visibility and positions and at least Firefox' "bookmarks bar elements" element possible to put on main toolbar, preferably ability to pull bookmarks in any place on any toolbar

  • @zakius Only Firefox users may know what you mean by "Bookmarks Bar Elements."

    1. The main requirement is to be able to add buttons, bookmarks, or bookmark folders to the Address Bar, However, users will also want to put them on other toolbars such as the Status Bar, or put elements from the Status Bar onto the Address Bar.
    2. The other requirement for Configurable Toolbars is to be able to reposition toolbars to any side of the window, to put the Tab Bar below the Address Bar, or whatever.

    In Opera 12.18 it is easy to move or remove buttons simply by holding down the shift key. Toolbars can be repositioned by opening the Customise dialogue. If Vivaldi could reposition toolbars also simply by holding down a modifier key, this would be ideal.

  • One of the things in v12 Opera that I really liked was that I could put a "Find in Page" toolbar in the address or status bar.

  • This is one of the reasons I've been using Firefox for years now. Ability to customize the UI is a priority, because no browser gets it right by default.

  • In OSX I think this counts as a bug not just an enhancement.
    In most OSX apps with a toolbar right click on toolbar to get a menu giving the choice of Icon, Text or both and also Customize Toolbar. It is part of the standard OSX app window

  • Basically, I just want to be able to move all the statusbar buttons to the sidebar panel.
    Then I could get rid of the statusbar, which takes up a lot of space considering it's half empty.

    If I could add regular full-page bookmarks to the sidebar panel then that'd be a bonus.

    Fully customizable drag and drop would be cool, but I imagine it'd be a lot more work to implement than a simple sidebar or statusbar checkbox list.

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    It would be nice to be able to configure a toolbar any way a user desires. A toolbar to put the most used feature a user needs. Whether it's a particular book mark or search engine(s). Be it a batch of thumbnails or shortcuts. Anything a user could even dream of. A place to shove all extensions a user might have and allow it to be editable.

    A completely configurable toolbar. Now that's a dream worth having.

  • Yea a configuatbe toolbar would be great, after switching from firefox thats the only thing I miss...

  • Should this could be allowable with a configurable toolbar ?

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    @seasonly Yes and no. The feature you mentioned is for a different 'toolbar', but if Vivaldi implements a configurable toolbar, it has the 'core'/base to implement your request (up to some extent I believe)

  • @masterleo29

    Thanks. I see this like a generalization of toolbar feature, no more special coded toolbar, buttons... then I believe this should be the core of a configurable toolbar project, I hope 😉

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    I'd love this, too. I want to remove the home and fast forward buttons which I never use, and sort the nav buttons a little differently to look like this:
      |<  <  ↻  >

    But please prioritize sync first 😉

  • Great feature request. I would love to be able to move any element anywhere on the UI.

  • One of the best features from Old Opera, which was so flexible on how it could be customised.

    0_1541093325311_Confirgurable Toolbars.png

    There is plenty of space on the Address Bar on a 1920x1080 landscape monitor even with my favourite 32 pixel DTA icon set. Even on my 1200x1800 pixel portrait monitor it is perfectly workable with this many buttons (and more after the URL field).

    0_1541093622576_Fit to Width and Image Options.png

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    @pesala Great idea, I'd love to be move all the status bar controls to the address bar and hide the status bar!

  • @ukanuk said in Configurable Toolbar:

    @pesala Great idea, I'd love to be move all the status bar controls to the address bar and hide the status bar!

    For me, it is all the statusbar controls to the sidebar and hide sidebar because it would give me more vertical space. I hope the ability to move stuff around will come to life soon 🙂

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    I guess from the latest snapshot we should add the "In Progress" tag yes

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think that a configurable toolbar can let the user decide if the bar is centered or not like into this suggestion.

  • I want move screenshot and page tiling button to top menu.
    Think the best way is to show it in the end of tab bar. There is trash bin icon (closed tab) now.


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