Vivaldi 1.14 – Three years of continuous innovation

  • Vivaldi Team

    The first release of the year introduces a vertical reader mode (a first for browsers!), Markdown support in Notes, rearrangeable Web Panels and reordering of search engines.

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  • Congrats to the V-Team. Three years; i can't quite believe it. Thank Zarquon for V. 😉

  • what happened to sync?

  • With completle new Bugs:

    Bug VB-34229 "Protocol handlers are not passed along anymore"

    that they know before but don't like to change.

  • @mrmamen Sync is still experimental and not yet ready for prime-time. It is disabled by default. Go to vivaldi://experiments to enable it.

  • Happy Birthday to you. 😃

    It's amazing how far you have come in only three years.

  • Scheduled theme change does NOT work in the latest update released today!
    I and other people reported this problem as the snapshot problem! But it was not be reflected.

  • Markdown seems like it might be useful. I've found a list of syntax on wikipedia that I've saved into Vivaldi as a Note. Seems like some kind of internal reference for Markdown usage within Vivaldi itself might come in handy? A mouse-over popup on the notes tab itself, or something? Otherwise it's a feature you're boasting that is only useful to people who already use it (and those Geeky/ready enough to unergo some new learning by themselves)?

  • Vivaldi Team

    @gtlc: Indeed we could add a reference but Markdown is already very widely known and used on multiple high profile websites and services, for example

    As of 2017, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users), ranking as the #4 most visited website in U.S. and #8 in the world.

    Taken from wikipedia and with data sourced from Alexa

  • @ruario So Vivaldi is only for the Internet browsing cognoscenti, then? Ironically, Reddit offers a syntax table if you click 'formatting help' directly below the comment box. They're not assuming their users automatically live and breathe Markdown so why are you?

  • @gtlc If you click the button in the compose message window there is a link to help on markdown.


    It would be good to have a couple more icons on the Vivaldi forum, e.g. for headings and one for tables:

    Markdown Result
    ** bold
    * italic

  • Moderator

    Well done on this release. Re-ordering of panels and search engines shows good progress towards UI customisability, and the markdown for notes is very welcome.

  • @gtlc: There's a markdown reference link on Vivaldi forums too when you make a post. You can't say it isn't accessible.

  • Moderator

    awesome features, mainly the Markdown in the Notes

  • Github flavoured markdown seems to work here. What have you tried?

    Markdown Result
    ** Bold
    * Italic
    *** bold italic

  • The browser does not remember full screen mode. The next time you start, the browser does not open in full screen mode. That great feature in the final release pisses me off!
    I can't realize how to use new feature of the Notes. I see one new button. So what? How to edit the note?
    The first impression of this release is that you have not finished something. The same impression was on the stable release 1.13. You do not catch all the fleas until the end and push ahead for useless innovations, dragging all the old shit behind you.
    I realized that we do not need to wait for the email client. It will not be. Instead, there will be old issues and useless unfinished features.
    I roll back to 1.12, because at the moment it is the most stable.
    Windows 7x32

  • Export/import search engines.
    Export/import passwords.
    Export/import notes.
    Export/import Vivaldi settings.

  • @anderl I am also unable to figure out how to use check boxes. In the image from update it looks like they should be available but I don't know what is the syntax. All the standard ways of declaring them seems to not work here 😕


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