[Bug] The newest Snapshot [1.14.1077.39] fixes an old problem, but reveals a new one

  • Ever since the newest snapshot update, the extension Join started working normally. While technically the main issue is now fixed, but it also exposes another bug to this: the fact that with the removal of the Sync feature made the extension work properly. Basically, the Sync feature seems to cause some issues with the extension, to the point where the extension broken entirely (nothing shows up in the menu and the menu buttons do not function at all).

    Looking back at what @ayespy said in [1.14.1077.25] Sync is gone in the latest snapshot on linux:

    @zikkeratak They just neglected to mention it. This version (or something very like it) is being considered for release, and it won't be released to the public just quite yet. So, since it's not going to be in 1.14 Stable, it's hidden for the moment. There is a fairly major backend re-write going on at the moment.

    I have a feeling that the issue could (in theory of course) be related to this backend rewrite/issue. I did made a report over to Joao aswell, in case it's something he could tweak. But I also put it here because of this possible issue being mainly behind that backend problem.

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    @novaviper Please feel free to file a bug report so that the developers can have a look. A single extension breaking is not going to delay the release of the stable (especially considering the extension works with sync off).

  • Thanks! I just submitted the report to the developers. Hopefully they would at least take notice to it and that would be something very simple to fix

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    @novaviper Thank you. One can never predict how simple a fix will be, or what regressions the fix itself might bring, but the developers having more data is always better than them having less.


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