Vivaldi future feature suggestion - bash terminal pane.

  • Not sure why the feature request section is locked, but here is my suggestion that will provide a huge geek factor. It would be extremely useful to be able to have a bash terminal pane, as in Konqueror. Now that Windows supports bash, the feature could be implemented across all of the platforms that Vivaldi supports.

    I would like to get some momentum for this suggestion, so if you like the idea, please repost.

  • If you want your request being acknowledged you have to post it here:

    But yeah, for discussion such a topic useful.

  • While I absolutely never would want to pass on a proper console window (preferably a shell), I don't really see a reason to implement this in Vivaldi.

    Not meant to be trolling, I really want to understand this: why do we need this (replace with any non-browser-) function as a panel/app in Vivaldi?

    I'm much happier to have all functionalities in different programs, so each program can give me the best functionality regarding its purpose. A proper terminal app will always be more powerful and helpful than a "shell panel". A proper email client will always be more powerful than one integrated in another program (I might accept a good integration of mail and calendar...).

    One of my main arguments is that separate programs can be developed faster and independently from each other. On Vivaldi, a small shell pane update must wait for the next Vivaldi update. Or we get small updates for each and every little function.

    So - sorry for some hijacking of your topic - but: why do you want this in Vivaldi?

    (and again, I'd really like to know)

  • @morg42 I have quickly found this feature to be difficult to do without. Most documentation for debugging, reconfiguration, system problem solving of all sorts is on the Internet. You have the instructions in front of you, but rather than being able to switch between panes and both see the next steps that you need to take, and follow the progress or possible error messages, time is spent switching between windows (whether drop down like Yakuake or as in a seperate terminal window). Focus is lost and at least in some cases, to the point of distraction. Focus follows the current window, rather than the progress of a specific activity.

  • Mostly if I am in such situations, I tile windows side-by-side. Focus stays in the terminal, and scrolling the web works without losing focus in the terminal. This even works on "small screens" like 13" notebooks. For me, that is.

  • @luetage Thank you.


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