More on logos - request for help

  • Hi all
    Further to the writing of my procedure for creating logos/labels to identify bookmarks in Speed Dial, I thought that perhaps it might help potential users to see screenshots illustrating my ideas. I have accordingly produced three of these in *.PNG format. I would like to attach these to my text (or place them close to this) but I cannot find whether or not posting images is allowed or, the procedure to follow. As a comment here, I really like Vivaldi and this is now my default browser but --- the "Help" is singularly un-helpful !
    I have spent about six hours searching but I just cannot find the information I need so I hope some kind soul will take pity and point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks and best regards to all ---

  • @hatrack 0_1517323357589_vivaldi.png
    the "upload image" button to the upper right of the text entry field will add images to your post from local storage.

  • @monkey_wrench_gang898
    Thank you for your help --- I have successfully added three screen grabs to my writeup
    Best regards --

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