Vivaldi completely frozen

  • I am running Vivaldi on a PC with windows 10. My Vivaldi will open, but it is completely frozen and can only be shut down with the task manager.

    1. this morning I had a regular Vivaldi open, then opened a private window.

    2. When I closed the private window, the regular window closed also.

    3. When I re-opened Vivaldi it seemed normal and I opened the history to check something. After that it froze completely. I shut it down and relaunched it & it opened in a completely frozen window with the history open just as it been when it first froze.

    4. I eventually restarted the computer and after that Vivaldi seemed to function normally. I could navigate to various sites and otherwise control the browser.

    5. I decided it might be a good idea to install the latest update (the one announced a couple weeks ago) and tried to download the exe. Instead the file was marked as a temporary file in the download folder.

    6. I downloaded the exe through Chrome and then ran it. After that Vivaldi has been completely dead. I can open and get the same screen with the history open, and then close it only with the task manager. Closing and re-launching the program has no different result and restarting the computer did nothing.

    Does anyone have any idea what is going or how to fix it? If I uninstall and reinstall Vivaldi will that delete all my bookmarks?

  • @helenaconstantine said in Vivaldi completely frozen:

    If I uninstall and reinstall Vivaldi will that delete all my bookmarks?

    You can export your bookmarks to an HTML file.

    Try rebooting first, before reinstalling.

    Then try Cleaning your profile

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    @helenaconstantine Uninstalling and reinstalling will do essentially nothing. Renaming your Default folder (don't delete - just rename) will probably fix it. Then transfer your vital data from the old folder to the new one.


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