BUG REPORT: text selection keyboard shortcuts trigger tab switching

  • When typing in a text field, using shift-cmd-left arrow or shift-cmd-right arrow should select all text between the cursor and the beginning or end of the current line, respectively. In Vivaldi, this behavior occurs, but these keyboard shortcuts also trigger tab switching, which is incorrect. Acceptable tab switching shortcuts on OS X are: [ul] [li]ctrl-tab/shift-ctrl-tab[/li] [li]shift-cmd-left bracket/shift-cmd-right bracket[/li] [/ul]

  • Moderator

    Yeah. Input in text boxes is still buggy. You wanna know where it's REALLY bad? Try filling in a fillable PDF form online. OMG.

  • Confirming this bug. Also cmd+left and cmd+right trigger back and forwards when in textbox and this should also be ignored.


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