Vivaldi in Manjaro?

  • [color=#8800bb]Hello. Are there any Manjaro x64 KDE users here? My normal Linux flavour is Mint 17.1 x64 KDE, but for fun & learning i've recently installed Manjaro x64 0.8.12 KDE. I'd like to install Vivaldi x64 in this distro too, to compare its behaviour to what i'm used to with V in Mint, but currently i don't know how to do it [given Manjaro is based on Arch not Debian, i have a steep learning curve ahead of me, again]. Does anyone know if the Vivaldi DEB or RPM package would be suitable for Manjaro? If either one is compatible, are there any special steps or tricks needed to install one of these packages, in this distro? Thanks in hope.[/color]

  • Open a terminal and type

    yaourt vivaldi
    ```or use the softwaremanagertool, make sure that the aur repos are enable and search for vivaldi

  • Many thanks! Whilst i'd not heard of it before [being new to Manjaro, & never seen or touched Arch], yaourt seemed to do the trick for me. Last night it successfully downloaded TP2 & installed it. Tonight i found [back in my main boot, Mint 17.1] that (Developer Build) snapshot is out & Mint's Update Manager has done all the work for me [it & Synaptic are magnificent]. Sadly back in my Manjaro boot, yaourt can't yet see the latest hot-off-the-presses Snapshot, & is only offering me 129.2.1. Tomorrow night i'll retry & hopefully by then yaourt might have caught up.

    PS - Last night i ran yaourt directly myself in Konsole as you suggested. Tonight i discovered in Octopi that there's a cute icon for yaourt that enabled me to search in the AUR via GUI [which i like, given i'm a lazy coward who always chooses a GUI over a terminal if i can]. Once yaourt in Octopi found the [now superseded] Snapshot & i marked it for installation, Octopi then launched bash & therein did all the dirty work with me still "keeping my hands clean". I'm very grateful for your help.

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