Data Privacy Day with Firefox?

  • Since today is Data Privacy Day, I looked at my now 5 year old PC to see what apps and programs to get rid of, looks like some useless game apps still on the PC even after the Acer upgrade from Win7 to Win10. so getting rid of Wild Tangent games it had to update before uninstalling, what??? ok now what, then after all the apps were deleted I look at the start menu and now I have Firefox58, how did that happen? looked at Firefox ,Help, About says "Distributed by WildTangent" really who said they could do that? at least I know they're responsible for it but no warning or notice uninstalling games did it say that. Those sneaky... on Privacy Day? well still seeing what Firefox58 has to offer but really they just slipped in the backdoor like that? I don't think Vivaldi would ever attach itself to an app like that.

  • No. Firefox is a good capable browser that is serious about privacy. Its the only mainstream browser which tries to obfuscate installed plugins/fonts to deter browser fingerprinting. And it doesn't block adnauseam like most Chrome based browsers.

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