Safely migrating to cleanly installed Vivaldi

  • Hello!

    Recently I've tried to migrate my old MB Air to new MB Pro but have experienced a lot of issues. Anyhow, I've been advised to wipe and do a clean install of OSX. That way I've lost al my settings and bookmarks etc. for Vivaldi. What and how would be safe to move (copy&paste)?

    Many thanks!

  • @striatum

    You should use all the export options for:

    • Bookmarks
    • Passwords - must be enabled on internal settings but not sure if the latest Chromium bug is fixed -
    • Extensions settings - on each extension options -

    Have a look on the Reset and Back up signature's link to know about important and needed files.

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Vivaldi Stable · Snapshot

    Vivaldi Reset and Back up

  • Sync will do most of it. I recently reset Vivaldi and didn't have to do much. Bookmarks and passwords fall in this category. Themes don't sync. Extension settings should sync, but they don't reliably -- all the complicated extensions have backup functionality, which I would use. Settings itself I had to redo mostly, but that's done in 10 minutes max. Other than that no issues.

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    @striatum You could also try to copy your Vivaldi profile to your new system once again. However, in order to regain access to your passwords and other encrypted data, you'll need to also transplant the encryption key from your old system that's stored in the Keychain in "Chrome Safe Storage" before launching Vivaldi on your new system with your copied profile.

    What version of Vivaldi are you using, what did and didn't work with your last migration attempt, how complex is your current Vivaldi setup, and what specific parts of your profile (other than basic settings and passwords) are you hoping to migrate?

  • @xyzzy I do not need passwords, just bookmarks and bookmark toolbar etc. Where that lives on Mac OSX?

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    @striatum The easiest way to do that is to simply export the bookmarks on your orginal system and then import them into Vivaldi on your new system.

    On your original system:

    • Launch Vivaldi
    • From the macOS menu bar select: File / Export Bookmarks

    That will save your Vivaldi Bookmarks to a file which can then be copied to your new system.

    On your new system:

    • Launch Vivaldi
    • Go to the Bookmarks section of the Start Page
    • Optional step: Delete all of the current Vivaldi bookmarks
    • Click the "Import..." button; select From: Bookmarks HTML File; select the file you just copied over

    Deleting the current bookmarks before importing saves you the step of dragging bookmarks out of the Import folder.

    Edit: If your original Vivaldi installation is not functional and you cannot export your bookmarks, you can also copy the Bookmarks file from the Vivaldi profile directory.

    The default path for your Vivaldi profile is:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/Default

    The bookmarks file is called: Bookmarks
    ... and its backup is: Bookmarks.bak


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