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  • hello,
    i have lost my way in Vivaldi to set cookies the way i would. The options under "privacy". Where can i find how the settings must be explaned? I tried again and again but u don't get the clue. There are cookies i want to keep, all other cookies must deleted at the end of session (better, not place cookies at all to my pc) But it doesn't remember all my cookies i want to hold.

    Now i found this: vivaldi://settings/content/cookies
    I tried this, but it doesn't keep all the cookies a want to remember. Some sites always ask to accept cookies. But i made it in this list to stay always.

    How does this list work. And how works it with the privacy cookie settings?

    Thank you,

  • Moderator

    Have a look in chrome://settings/content/cookies
    There you can set if cookies should be Blocked or Allowed by default.
    You can add Exceptions there to Allow or Deny.
    Or you can change the Cookies settings in site-specific settings of addressbar by clicking lock/globe and switch there for the site.

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