Watch thread without notify?

  • It doesn't seem possible to Watch a thread without getting email notification on it. There doesn't seem to be a place where one can find a list of Watched threads, in order to keep up with them without depending on notifies. Am I missing it? Because that seems a pretty basic function.

    Also, Search here continues to frustrate me. I clicked on Advance search, and along with the input panel came results for a search on a phrase regarding Chat that i never made. And then when I performed my search, simply on Notify in the Forum Feedback hierarchy, there were zero results.

  • @paul1149
    Hi, it does, go to settings in forum and disable email+notification.
    Search is really not very productive.

    Cheers, mib

  • Visit your own profile and click the dropdown menu on the right side. Click on Watched and you get an overview of your watched topics.

  • Ok, thanks guys. I was confused, and actually had the email turned off. I've now saved the Watched page as a bookmark with vw as the alias. Now I'll turn off the notifications.


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