Extension "Note Board" data lost.

  • Hi. In all my chromium-based browsers, for years, i've used the Note Board extension [goficmpcgcnombioohjcgdhbaloknabb]. Because v-SS is my default browser, in daily use, it naturally has... um, had... the most up to date state of my several hundred notes. Within the past hour something seems to have gone badly wrong [no V crash or anything like that]; i went to create a new note on a website i'd bookmarked, when to my shock i found that my hundreds of existing notes have vanished.

    I launched V-Stable & Chromium, & saw both of their N/B user data are still intact... albeit neither is up to date as i explained above. I do regular data backups, & so i hope to recover my notes from one of those, but first i need to locate the storage location for the user data of this extension. That's evading me at the moment. In earlier days the chromium Default subfolder structure was different to how it is now. Originally the user data for N/B was stored in
    /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Local Storage
    as something like
    Many other extensions still store their user-data there, but not N/B any longer it seems.

    Part of the altered file structure is now a dedicated folder
    which does contain the entry
    but as far as i can tell this is purely the code for the extension, not the user data [proven by temporarily copying Stable's version here in lieu of Snapshot's version [which was renamed for preservation], but upon relaunching V-SS all my N/B data remained gone, despite still being in Stable [not up to date]].

    So far i can't find the new storage place. Logically i should contact the N/B Dev & ask, but i thought i'd check here first if anyone uses N/B & knows the answer. Ta.

  • @steffie Well apparently nobody else here uses N/B, or otherwise knows the new data storage location. Happily Oscar the helpful N/B Dev was able to tell me that since Google restructured the Default directory file-structure, his extension's user data resides in:

    /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Local Storage/leveldb

    ...but it is no longer instantly recognisable as being N/B data, given it no longer mentions the extension ID [unhelpful, Google; wtf did they make it much harder?].

    With this vital clue i was able to trawl back through my weekly backups & find the last time that the >500 notes still existed was around xmas last year. With that restored, & me then manually recreating the 13 newer notes created since the data loss, it seems i'm pretty much back in business now.

    It's impossible now to know, but i wonder if the data loss happened from a Vivaldi glitch, a Note Board flaw, or maybe a Chromium engine update?

  • Actually, I tried N/B out and stored a few notes. But a 1:1 comparison of the whole Vivaldi data directory didn't give any clue (all files were identical). So either my computer lies to me or it's stored somewhere else on Mac.

    Still, glad you got your notes back.

  • @morg42 said in Extension "Note Board" data lost.:

    all files were identical

    Given that my knowledge of Mac rivals my knowledge of ancient Babylonian neurosurgery, the following might be plain wrong...

    If you were to copy your [Mac equivalent of] /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Local Storage/leveldb contents into your [Mac equivalent of] /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi/Default/Local Storage/leveldb, &/or into your [Mac equivalent of] /home/steffie/.config/chromium/Default/Local Storage/leveldb, i suspect that when you then opened V-Stable's &/or Chromium's Note Board page you'd likely find that your V-SS's N/B notes were now automagically there too, even though to plain human eyes the file list in ~*/Default/Local Storage/leveldb seemed visually unaltered.

    Or not.


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