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  • When I first started using Vivaldi, when I relaunched it, it would restore my session keeping the windows the same size as before. A couple updates ago, it started blowing the windows up to the full size of my screen.

    Is there a setting to make it restore the session using the previous window size? I can't find one.

  • These problems with window sizes come and go. You forgot to state the Vivaldi version you are using, but on current snapshot the windows restore to the previous state.

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    @jpkirchner There are no settings to configure because Vivaldi is supposed to follow platform conventions and manage its window state correctly, and basically behave like other macOS applications do.

    Vivaldi has been busy fixing a number of window state bugs that affect all platforms. Right now, Vivaldi 1.14 on macOS is in pretty good shape and seems to handle things properly when Vivaldi launches with the Start Page. Unfortunately, when resuming the Previous Session on startup, Vivaldi is still not correctly restoring the size, position and status of each individual window.

    I'll let the QA team know about this issue and that they'll need to do some some more focused testing after this latest round of fixes.

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