Vivaldi's own YT video doesn't play in Vivaldi. When will this be fixed?

  • For many months, now, I've been switching between Vivaldi (my fave browser) and some other browser to be able to watch YouTube videos.

    I've just upgraded to V1.13 (which Vivaldi says is the latest version for Win10), and in the "New Features" page that comes up, I can't even watch the video supplied to explain the new features!

    What's the deal with HTML5 videos or Flash or whatever is the problem? All I know is every other browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) doesn't have this issue. What's the solution?


    Dave C in Vegas

  • @courvo I just launched my Win10 VM to test your claim. V therein continues to play YouTube perfectly fine.

    Caveat: I'm using Snapshot not Stable... but i suppose that we'll soon see other replies to you that will indicate if Stable has a universal YT bug, or else if it's local to your own installation.

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    @courvo Hi, Dave: Ayespy here (your homie) typing to you at the moment from the awesome Innovation House in Magnolia, MA.
    The video (if I'm getting the same URL you are) plays fine here in all three versions of Vivaldi (stable, snapshot, internal tester version) in Win10 on my crummy 10-year-old laptop. In general, I have no problem with videos, including YouTube. It occurs to me you may have a local situation on your machine which is gumming things up, but I'm happy to work with you to see if we can't get it sorted out. To begin, what can you tell me about your rig, and what sort(s) of security software and/or security extensions you employ?

  • @courvo In adition to ayespy's questions: do you use Win10 M?

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    @courvo WHich Windows do you own?
    Windows 10 N does not have all codecs for HTML5 video.
    You may need to install Media Feature Pack (

    Perhaps you graphics hardware makes trouble with video decoding.
    After entering vivaldi://gpu in address field what is shown in first section of page?

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