1.13.1008.44 Issues with connection timeouts and unreachable websites

  • Since updating to 1.13.1008.44 I have been getting a lot of occurrences of websites immediately coming back with connection refused, connection timeout, or page unreachable errors. The same sites work fine in Firefox so this seems to be a Vivaldi issue. In addition, once I've gotten one of those errors even websites I already have open in other tabs stop working, so I have to close and restart Vivaldi to get everything working again.

    Has anyone else been encountering this issue?

  • @dragginlord Examples that can tested?
    Do you have any extensions?
    What cookie settings (e.g. third party) ?

    Have you tried with a clean profile?

  • Moderator

    May be a security tools block Vivaldi?
    Such are: Desktop Firewall? Antivirus?

  • @dragginlord - had same issues. I had to deactivate security extensions like Ghostry and Nano Adblocker, then everything was fine again ...

  • @dragginlord After it happens I can't access any other websites. I have to close Vivaldi and restart, at that time the page where the error occurred works fine. That's what makes this especially hard to troubleshoot, the inconsistency. If it was a security tool blocking something I would expect it to happen every time. And the inconsistency of the messages I get is also making it difficult to pin down. In fact, the first time I tried to get to this forum today I got "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET". Restarted Vivaldi and here I am. Very weird, think I'll revert to an older version and see if it continues there.

  • @tbgbe Thanks, I gave that a try with no luck. Even totally removed Vivaldi and all related files (except bookmarks!). Still no luck. But, now another issue has arisen. I'm getting odd font colors, fonts and images are occasionally scramble, and even occasionally odd colored (dayglo colors) patches. Clicking on the page cause the issues to clear up, but they can come back by scrolling on the page. Very strange behaviour

  • @dragginlord Just for fun (if you have some spare time) could you try to install the latest snapshot as standalone and have a look at it if it behaves the same?

    To install as standalone click in the install window on "advanced" than hit the "Installation type" dropdown and select "standalone" than select a path where to install to (you can choose any directory you want but I highly recommend to choose one different from your standard install path)

  • I've been having this problem now for a month or so (current Vivaldi 1.14.1077.45 (Stable channel) (32-bit)).

    Vivaldi seems to go "walkabout" for 5 to 10 minutes giving timeout errors on any tab, numerous sites. Then suddenly starts working again. All sites work in other browsers.

    IMHO pointless installing standalone version as (a) fault is intermittent in appearance and duration (b) if there was an external problem why does it come and go other then being something wrong with "normal" Vivaldi?

    Annoying situation that needs to be looked at properly by support staff.

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    1.13 and 1.14 versions differ as they got new internal code. Closed.

    Please install Vivialdi 1.14.
    Open a new thread if you encounter unreachable sites and timeout problems.
    Check first extensions and security-tools like anti-virus scanners or desktop firewalls which all may interfere loading of pages.


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