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  • Hi, Win 10 did an update and the next time I started Vivaldi a message came up saying sync disabled and the sync page has gone from settings.
    Tried reinstalling vivaldi but same thing.
    Anyone know how to get sync working again?

    Vivaldi 1.13.1008.44

  • If you're using 1.13 final, then sync is not available AFAIK.

    The latest Snapshot also disabled it by default because it is not reliable enough yet. It can be re-enabled in vivaldi://experiments.

  • Hi, I just realised I had done that, am using 1.14.1077.25 (Official Build) (64-bit) and had tried the regular version to see if it worked with that.
    Been trying all sorts, fresh normal and stand alone installs, deleting user data default etc. but still getting "sync has been disabled as a result of an extension action (password change or sync reset) you can fix this in sync settings."
    There are no extensions installed at the moment and have not done a password change or sync reset.
    Also re "you can fix this in sync settings" there is no longer a 'sync' section in settings.

    I had abandoned vivaldi as I had got tired of loosing passwords etc., almost every time win 10 did an update and had just come back to give it a try when I saw sync was here but it looks like I am going to have to give up on it again.

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    Re-enable Syn on vivaldi://experiments

  • "Re-enable Syn on vivaldi://experiments" fixed it, thanks.
    Though it did come up with the 'sync disabled' message again after it started to sync but the sync settings are still there and everything seems enabled.

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    Good. I'll tag as resolved.


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