Speed Dial Question

  • Hey i'm wondering if it's possible to make left click open saved website thumbnail in new tab without having to right click then select open in a new tab everytime time or lose the speed dial page if i click on a website. Im always purging my tabs and I need speed dial to always be accessible, right now i have a third party speed dial plugin but i think using the default speed dial would help cutting down resources usage.

  • If you want to cut down resource usage, you should try to cut tabs. An extension only needs about half the RAM a single tab needs, and little to no CPU, depending on the extension. You can open speed dials in a new page with middle click or command-click. Alternatively you can use the quick commands interface (command-E) to open speed dials/bookmarks in a new tab (no need to keep speed dial open at all).

  • @luetage Thank you very much!


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