Capture page without opening target folder

  • I occasionally want to use the Capture Page feature to capture a series of screenshots (in this case, the pages of a router setup).
    There are several pages, and I don't really want the target folder for the jpeg to be opened after every page captured. In other words, I'd like to capture a series into the folder without it opening, and then, at the conclusion, go to the folder and look at them (and usually bulk-rename them to something more identifiable).
    Is there any way of setting this? Presumably it means turning off an "open folder after.." instruction, but I can't see any setting which would do this.

  • Moderator

    Use a dedicated screen capture program like FastStone Capture if you want this. Version 5.3 is free and can be set to save files to specified folder with an automated filename based on date, etc.


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