How to put back speed dial original thumbnails ?

  • Hi,
    When you first install Vivaldi, Speed Dial has a bunch of links, which I removed a while ago, like Vivaldy community.
    I decided to put back some of these links in a new Speed Dial category, and of course Vivaldi uses the website as a thumbnail. Is it possible to put back original thumbmails like they are when you first install Vivaldi ?

    In another note, I wanted to know if it was possible to reduce Speed Dial thumbnails size via css. At this time I only managed to reduce their width.

    That's it. Thanks in advance for your help !

  • If you hover on the speed dials you can see a little "+" (plus) sign, where you can add your own custom speed dial.

    Click on it and then navigate to
    [the path to your Vivaldi]\Application\[build number]\resources\vivaldi\resources
    directory and select the original file you need.

    You can find the path to your application directory either if you click on
    V-menu > Help > About
    or enter
    in the addressbar and press Enter.

  • @quhno I didn't know that, thank you ! (:

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