[BUG] Stuck in modal dialog mode

  • If you shutdown the computer and the last opened window of Vivaldi is a modal dialog window (print dialog, proxy login, ...) after you restart Windows and open Vivaldi, you're stuck in Modal Dialog mode: No bookmarks, no tabs, no menu, can't go back to previous page.
    The workaround to get out of this trap, is to right-click Vivaldi icon in taskbar and open new windows until you get the default one. But... then you lost your pinned tabs.

  • Moderator

    Try this method:

    • Alt P to open settings
    • Change startup to home page
    • Alt F4 to close Vivaldi and restart.

  • Great. I lost my pinned tabs again!

    Which config file/registry key must I backup to recover these ?

  • Moderator

    @solar10 Try saving your current tab set as a session.

  • The funniest thing with this annoyance is that, in the disappeared tabs, I have Telegram Web. Although the tab is neither pinned nor open, I keep receiving notifications...
    Will try your trick, thanx for your help.

  • Moderator

    @solar10 That's why you're losing the tabs. Vivaldi cannot save your current session to re-open it, unless all Vivaldi-related processes get closed. Telegram Web is obviously staying open when you close Vivaldi.

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