What is wrong with colorpickers on chromium?

  • I tried a few, but i think it doesn't matter which. But for this case I'm on macOS, using latest snapshot and Colorpicker Eyedropper. When I check on a color I know to be #121212, it shows me it's #191919. But it doesn't matter which color I try to pick, it's always off. And it doesn't only happen on Vivaldi, but on Opera too. Is there something I'm missing?

  • @luetage Well that's really dodgy. Is it the extension, or chromium itself?

    Try opening the dev tools and setting a css colour value on something. It should give you the option to change the colour with a "dropper" - this will let you see if there is an inconsistency with the extension.

  • @lonm Good advice. The colorpicker in devtools works correctly, it picks and inputs the correct color. But the question remains, what is wrong with all the color picker extensions?

  • @luetage I wonder if it might have something to do with this vivaldi://flags/#force-color-profile flag.
    Chromium always knows the underlying colour of something, so when you use that colour picker it doesn't need to figure out what the colour is, it can just report it directly.
    However, an extension won't have access to this knowledge. It will probably end up doing some sort of javascript witchery to copy the pixel and try to guess the colour by analysing that.
    But if, due to the aforementioned flag, that pixel was displayed incorrectly to begin with (or if the flag was in a different state to that of the extension developer, and they already attempted to correct for the difference), then the extension will "guess" the colour incorrectly.

    I would suggest doing some experimenting with the flag (it has a few options) until you find one that works correctly.

  • sRGB works correctly. But screw this, from now on I'll just be using the inbuilt one. If this is an issue, the extension devs should take precautions and allow to set this right in the extension's settings. All the pickers I tried have this error, and there aren't many users who switch flags at all.

    edit: or even better, Vivaldi should fulfil my feature request and make a color picker tool with easy access ^^

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