Vivaldi frozen on open due to crashed tab cannot do anything___revisited

  • Re: [Vivaldi is frozen when opened. I can't close windows](export bookmarks)

    Thank god (and all who posted in the old thread). Got me out of a jam!

    Win 7 Pro

    In short Vivaldi froze when I was trying to shrink the downloads/history sidebar, and it just hung. Closed Vivaldi and on reopen I got a title-bar message that a tab was "not responding" and that was it, the rest of the Vivaldi window was blank and again it stayed hung.

    Thanks to the guidance of the previous thread I closed Vivaldi and checked that it was completely closed via a look at Task Manager then I accessed

    C:\Users\New\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

    and deleted (memory a bit hazy but this will guide you) Last Session, Current Session, Current Tabs, Last Tabs (I think).

    I was then able to open a functional Vivaldi, of course my prev opened tabs were gone ie was just the start page but the previously installed Session Manager extension was still there (as were all extensions) and I reopened a previously saved Collection of Tabs - PHEW


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