Notes formatting – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.14.1077.25

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    @ruario said:

    As a last addition before the upcoming Vivaldi 1.14 final, we add formatting support to Notes.


    • [Notes] Markdown editor
    • [Vertical reader mode] Allow vertical reader mode in all languages (VB-36544)
    • [Regression] Can not toggle video controls (VB-36628)
    • [Regression] Copy image context menu item copies image URL instead of image (VB-36623)
    • [Regression] Down arrow should open URL dropdown (VB-36620)
    • [Regression] Invisible tabs (VB-35707)
    • [Regression][Linux] Remove dependency on RPM (VB-36661)
    • [Regression][Linux] Vivaldi snapshot WM_Class is wrong (VB-35977)
    • [Regression][Mac] Pinch zoom stopped working (VB-36459)
    • Updated translations
    • Updated Chromium to 64.0.3282.121

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