Some UI mmprovements for Vivaldi from a Person coming from Opera Next

  • Greetings everyone: I'd like to thank the Vivaldi team for working on bringing back a browsing experience that I miss quite a bit. I used to be an avid Opera fan before the upgrade to the new Opera browser. I miss all the exclusive features in the old Opera, but I appreciate the speed in the new one. Vivaldi seems to be aiming for that combination, and that is why Vivaldi is such an exciting things for me. I do have some suggestions that I'd like to share with you with regard to the UI specifically which I'm not fond of. --I think the top spacing above the tabs should be eliminated. It makes selecting tabs harder/trickier and it serves no other puropose. --The tabs and the writing on the tabs are a bit too small for my liking, and I"m not using a high DPI display (1080P 24"). --I think stacked tabs should change color and the color should be in some ways proportional to the number of tabs stacked on top of each other. That's about it for now... I might update this post later. Again thank you Vivaldi team and I wish you the best!


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